Alexander Zelikov/TASS
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A truly historical restaurant, Uzbekistan was opened in 1951 following an order from the Ministry of Trade of the Uzbek Soviet Republic. Since then, it has existed in the same spot for decades – not without any changes, yet on the whole, the atmosphere of Eastern grandeur has remained intact.

Created by conservators who had worked in the palaces of Tashkent, the restaurant's rich interior features heavy carved doors, mosaics, torches, couches, ottomans, Syrian hookahs and silk curtains. The menu is made up of similarly traditional and excellently executed masterpieces. The plov is a true work of art; the bread is always baked in a tandyr clay oven and served still steaming; the shashlyk kebabs are brought in on sizzling coals, while the lamb roasting on a spit commands the eyes of the whole room. The tea with Eastern sweets is worth a separate visit to enjoy the sugared fruit, jams, mazurka biscuits and baklava.