Skolkovo Restaurant & Bar

In a new Russian science city Skolkovo where everything is unlike Moscow (for example, here you can find Tesla space type chargers for electric vehicles), there is a real green and hilly golf course and a restaurant that looks over it. French style reigns in the kitchen – the menu features poached eggs with spinach and salmon, laid on top of each other as a pyramid, a beetroot tart with goat cheese, classical pâtés and terrines, including some colourful veggy varieties, fritters cooked on dark beer with raisins and maple syrup, corn tortellini with truffle and parmesan. They organize cooking workshops here, and there is nothing better than that on holidays. For example, on the eve of Catholic Christmas they cooked a classic French apple tart with almond frangipane and vanilla ice cream.

You should rather find a seat on the open terrace with a view – watching sunsets here will be especially enjoyable.