La Boule

Alexander Zelikov/TASS

La Boule, a cosy spot in Gorky Park, is hidden in the back line of the park. Formally, this is a petanque café – this is a small house with a kitchen, a bar and a terrace, and neat rows of lines for petanque. The house is entwined with lamps and lanterns to light up French posters praising the benefits of healthy rest.

The crowd here queues for lemonades made of cherry and almond, tarragon, ginger, and, of course, a classic lemonade. They queue for the food as well, uncomplicated, but very decent – croissants, soups of the day, hot sandwiches and haddock croquettes.

The menu is short, but it is ideal for those who do not want to be distracted from petanque: the tournaments are being held here weekly. Cider and beer naturally complete the bar menu.