Lucky Souvlaki

Aleksandr Zelikov/ТАSS

Cheerful veranda in Moscow Hermitage Garden features dark blue and light blue colours which the Greek love so much. Idyllic green lawns and shrubs are all around, aiming to protect from the noise of the city centre. The cuisine here is exclusively Greek, ideal for sweet summer idleness: pita with souvlaki, French fries, and homemade lemonade – it makes up a lunch.

They bake here an intricate "snail" with a spinach filling – a traditional spanakopita pie and a taramasalatu – a mix of smoked cod, lemon juice and olive oil with garlic – a traditional Greek pita spread that you can take with you to a picnic. This café is not entirely traditional, for example, they serve here a modern version of Greek burger – a lamb "keftedes" with roasted eggplants.