Alexander Zelikov/TASS

Vatrushka, which means "curd patty," is a restaurant serving simple food for the soul. The menu includes the favourites Russians will remember from their childhood, such as marrow pancakes, sprats with brown bread and aubergine, and "Bird's Milk" ("Ptichye Moloko") dessert. Other dishes speak of foreign adventures and restaurants: the Far Eastern wild sockeye salmon tartare with Yuzhny sauce and egg; the young cabbage salad with pike roe; cream of pumpkin soup with barley; stewed neck of turkey with millet and Korean carrot sauce, and mini beef burgers.

Do not forget to try the traditional Soviet breakfasts, too: on offer are leniviye vareniki (sweet "lazy dumplings"), white toast with liver pâté, homemade tvorog cream cheese with Smetana sour cream, kefir pancakes, millet porridge and yogurt with honey. At weekends, visitors can order Kolomenskiye doughnuts with icing sugar. If you are having tea, make sure you ask for the house pastry, vatrushka. It is served hot, and the sweet cheese filling simply melts in the mouth.