Each month, the restaurants of Butcher chain cook and sell 35,000-37,000 steaks. With such volumes, it is impossible to make bad steaks, as the cooks know what they are doing. The restaurant has one hard rule: if the client dislikes his steak, he can either refuse to pay, or get a new one, done to his taste, but that just does not happen. If the restaurant has no seating available, the guests are offered a free drink at the bar.

The menu is full of classic steaks: Black Angus ribeye, New York, steak from premium beef grain-fed for 150 days. There are some unusual ones as well, such as royal deer ribeye or rare machete and marucho steaks. There are burgers, porterhouse steaks, and beef tenderloin with vegetables and spices as well. Traditional side dishes include baby corn, tomatoes and potatoes. The menu contains wine recommendations for each steak, but the waiter can also help you with this task.