Vysota 5642 (Height 5642)

Alexander Zelikov / TASS
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5642 is actually the height of Europe's highest mountain, Elbrus, which can be found in Russia's Caucasus Mountains. At the restaurant, you will find dishes from different parts of this region. There is a whole section of the menu dedicated to the Adighe cuisine: chicken breasts braised in local bechamel sauce, Kabarda pies with potatoes and spices, stewed chicken meat on bones, veal jerky with nettle aroma, rolls with Kalmyk tea, and veal liver kebabs. There are the popular Caucasian dishes as well: veal in grape leaves, baked eggplant, lamb and rice soup, soup with small dumplings, khachapuri cheese pies, and much more. Finish the dinner off with the herbal teas served with jams made out of cornelian cherries, quince, crab apples, rose petals, and walnuts.