The Evil Apartment

Nikolay Galkin/TASS
A little further, at Bolshaya Sadovaya Ulitsa (Bolshaya Sadovaya Street), 10, apartment 50, is Bulgakov's first Moscow address. Together with his wife Tatyana Lappa, the writer lived in a communal flat that was described in detail in many of his earlier works – Zoya's Apartment, Moonshine Lake and No. 13 – The Elpit Workers' Commune. In the novel, the apartment at building number 302-bis is known as "haunted" or "evil." Among other things, this is where Satan's Ball, described in the book, takes place. Thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, in the beginning of 1990s apartment 50 was turned into the memorial museum of Bulgakov. In the courtyard you will find the characters of the novel portrayed by sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov. Before revolution, building 10 at Bolshaya Sadovaya Ulitsa was a residence hall for the students of Moscow Higher Women's Courses, a higher education institution for women. The previous reincarnation of the building is visible in the zoning of apartments: a long corridor and lots of small rooms. Today the rooms exhibit the household items of the early 20th century. The residents of one of Moscow's first communes (communal flats) moved into the building in the 1920s, without changing anything. Bulgakov and Lappa lived in the fourth room on the right.