Pursuit of Woland

Nikolay Galkin/TASS
Ulitsa Spiridonovka (Spiridonovka Street) joins Malaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa (Malaya Nikitskaya Street) near Granatny Dvor buildings and Brezhnev-era apartment buildings that along with the members of the Central Committee of the Communist Part and employees of Soviet ministries housed people of art, mostly theatre workers. Across Granatny Dvor, where artillery cannons were made in the 16th century, is the last apartment (and now memorial museum) of the Russian and Soviet writer Alexey Tolstoy. Oftentimes you can see a tour bus made to look like the Annushka tram that killed Berlioz. It was around here that Ivan Bezdomny, who unsuccessfully pursued Woland and his companions along Ulitsa Spiridonovka, totally missed the choirmaster who "with great agility jumped on board a moving bus bound for Arbatskaya Ploschad (Arbatskaya Square)" and saw Behemoth's attempt to board a tram – "No cats allowed!"