Margarita's Third Address

In order to find the third one of Margarita's possible addresses, you will have to wander around Arbat lanes. Researches had determined this third possible location, based on the route of her flight over night-time Moscow, and believe that it is one of the two houses at Maly Vlasyevsky Pereulok (Maly Vlasyevsky Lane), either 12 or 9A. House 9 or 9A, which no longer exists, was occupied by Olga Bokshanskaya, the sister of "Margarita" Elena Shilovskaya. House 12, although it is not built in a Gothic style, has large windows and is surrounded by trees and railing. The building's size is in line with the social position of Margarita's husband, "a brilliant scientist, whose work was of national importance."

The great American dancer, the pioneer of the improvised dance Isadora Duncan, performed in the mansion's Blue room.