Master's House

Nikolay Galkin/TASS
Go towards the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, from where take an underground pass to the opposite side of the Sadovoye Koltso (Garden Ring) and take a trolley bus (any route) towards Park Kultury Metro station. Get off at the second stop, across from Ulitsa Prechistenka (Prechistenka Street) and use the pedestrian crossing to get to the opposite side of the Sadovoye Koltso. Walk along Ulitsa Prechistenka to Mansurovsky Pereulok (Mansurovsky Lane). You can also walk to Mansurovsky Pereulok along the picturesque lanes that run parallel to Sadovoye Koltso.

Although there are several "contenders" for the role of Margarita's house, the Master's address provokes no arguments. The two rooms that the Master "rented in the basement of a small house with a garden near the Arbat… gave up his job in the museum and began writing his novel about Pontius Pilate" are located at house 9 at Mansurovsky Pereulok between Prechistenka and Ostozhenka streets. It is difficult to study the house in detail as it is fenced off. Although, you can still see the basement windows – the same "little windows just above the level of the path leading from the garden gate. Only a few steps away, by the garden fence, was a lilac, a lime tree and a maple." It was in this basement where the writer's friends, brothers Toplenin, gave him a room with a stove, that Bulgakov worked on The Master and Margarita novel. It was here that he "lodged" the Master in his novel.