FSB Building

Nikolai Galkin/TASS
Next to the Polytechnic Museum is the Lubyanksaya Ploschad (Lubyanksaya Square). It acquired its name from the natives of Novgorod who received Ivan III's permission to settle in this part of Moscow: they named it after one of the districts of their hometown, Lyubyanitsy. The northern part of the square is occupied by the central office of the Federal Security Service (FSB). Architect Alexey Shchusev had fashioned this building out of two late 19th century tenement buildings that stood on the spot. In the times of Peter the Great, the modern-day Lubyanksaya Ploschad was the site of the Secret Chancellery, the office of political investigations and justice. Later it was the site of the Senate's Secret Expedition, also the highest office of political oversight and investigation; one of its prisoners was the leader of the peasant revolt Yemelyan Pugachev. In Soviet times, the building first housed the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission and, later, other organisations tasked with state security.