Naryshkin's House/Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Nikolay Galkin/ТАSS
Even as far back as the 18th century, this famous house was considered one of the masterpieces of Moscow architecture. It is believed to have been built by architect Matvey Kazakov, but there has been no proof. After the fires of 1812, the building underwent reconstruction, and the stucco work with wall piers was replaced with a full-scale Classical portico with six columns. The building was owned by Varvara Naryshkina, nee Volkonskaya. Her son, Mikhail Naryshkin, the head of Moscow secret society Alliance for Prosperity, also lived here. A marble memorial plaque in honour of Naryshkin with shackles wreathed in laurels still adorns the house's wall. Even though Naryshkin's secret society organized its meetings in the neighbouring house No. 12, he was actually arrested here. Today, the building is home to the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.