Monument to N. V. Gogol

Nikolay Galkin/ТАSS
Story has it that Stalin disliked the monument to Nikolai Gogol, erected here back in 1909, on the centennial anniversary of the writer's birth, for its melancholy look. Which is why, in 1952, it was replaced by the more "cheerful" monument designed by Nikolai Tomsky, while the old one was exiled to the courtyard of the former estate of Count Alexander Tolstoy at Nikitsky Bulvar (Nikitsky Boulevard). In truth, both Gogols, who stand practically across the square from each other, have been unlucky. Nikolai Tomsky considered the new Gogol monument his worst work. The old monument – a remarkable, but too way-out project of artist Nikolai Andreyev and sculptor Fyodor Schechtel – was disliked by its contemporaries, who even undertook collection of money to remove the sculpture and replace it with a different one.