Kokoshkin's House

Today, this place is a parking lot, but until the end of the 1990s, here was the boulevard's most famous house. In the mid-1820s, the manor of Prince Yakov Shakhovskoy fell into the hands of Fyodor Kokoshkin, director of the Moscow troupe of the Imperial Theatres. Kokoshkin organized a theatrical salon here. The actors of Maly and Bolshoi theatres rehearsed here, and actress Maria Lvova-Sinetskaya held a musical salon, frequented by Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Griboyedov. After Kokoshkin, the house was owned by Alexander Varlamov, who wrote the best known romance songs of the 19th century here. But even this was not the end of the house's glorious story. In the 1920s, it housed theatrical studio of Mikhail Chekhov, a famous actor, who later emigrated and went on to train the Hollywood actors in the Stanislavsky Method. The theatrical reputation of this house in many ways defined the look of the boulevard itself.