First Boys' Grammar School

Nikolay Galkin/ТАSS
The main house of the city manor of Alexander Yakovlev, the president of the Collegium of Justice, the main member of the Moscow Mint Yard, and the grandfather of the revolutionary theorist Alexander Herzen, was built in the 1770s. For a while, the house was passed from one noble family to another, and was fully reconstructed after in burned down in the fires of 1812. In 1831, the state treasury had bought the house, and opened the City's First Boys' Grammar School there. Throughout the rest of the 19th century, this was the principal breeding ground for Moscow's intellectual elite. Among the grammar school's students were anarchist Peter Kropotkin and playwright Alexander Ostrovsky. In 1872, the Higher Women's Courses had opened in the building. Even today, the estate continues to be one of Moscow's intellectual centers and houses V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.