Main House of Princess Volkonskaya City Manor

Nikolay Galkin/ТАSS
The noble Volkonsky family used to own a large part of this neighbourhood, which had preserved their memory in its name, Volkhonka. The famous Volkhonka drinking den used to be just around the corner, and today this building belongs to the Museum of Private Collections. The Gogolevsky Bulvar (Gogolevsky Boulevard) has preserved the memory of another Volkonsky family scion: the main house of Princess Sofia Volkonskaya city manor was built in 1795, and she had lived here until the war of 1812. After the war, the Princess rented the building out as a pub. In the 1890s, the house was bought by the family of baker Filippov. The ground floor became a store, selling the famous Filippov baked goods, and the new annex housed the candy manufacturing facility. It is quite possible that the house was preserved in its current state thanks to Filippov's annexes and additions.