Moscow Appanage Office

Nikolay Galkin/ТАSS
It was in this building that Colonel Mikhail Naryshkin, battalion commander of Tarutinsky Regiment, had organized in the 1820s the Moscow branch of the Alliance for Prosperity secret society. It was here that Kondraty Ryleyev read his Thoughts, and it was here that other well-known Decembrists met. After the Decembrist mutiny had failed, and the secret society was disbanded, the manor was bought by Moscow Appanage Office, which oversaw the property of the imperial family. But this was not the end of the house's glorious history. In 1860, a new manager Ivan Maslov settled there. He was a great lover and patron of the arts. Maslov organized a literary club of sorts, which was frequented by poets Afanasy Fet, Yakov Polonsky and Alexey Pleshcheyev, along with Maslov's best friend, writer Ivan Turgenev, who later used to say that he could not imagine Moscow without Maslov. Turgenev's best known portrait, exhibited at the State Tretyakov Gallery, was painted by Ilya Repin in this house. Beginning in 1969, it has been a home to the Artists' Union.