Beginning of Rozhdestvensky Boulevard

Nikolai Galkin / TASS
Walking along the boulevards, we meet a lot of wonderful churches, but few of them have so much significance as the ones located at the Rozhdestvensky Bulvar (Rozhdestvensky Boulevard). The boulevard itself runs between the two monasteries, Rozhdestvensky in the beginning and Sretensky at the end. Once upon a time, the lands between the monasteries were occupied by the church ploughlands, and monastic folk settled here. But as soon as the walls of Bely Gorod were demolished, this space was filled with shops. Only the 1812 Fire of Moscow helped the Rozhdestvensky Bulvar to become what it is now. But even today, the boulevard retains its duality: a row of high tenement houses stands across from a row of antique estates holding the fort. Contemporaries had nothing but contempt for the tenement houses, but we cannot fail to see their Art Nouveau charm.