N. I. Siluanov's Tenement House

Nikolai Galkin / TASS
Another tenement house at Rozhdestvensky Bulvar (Rozhdestvensky Boulevard) was built in 1902 by architect Pavel Zarutsky. The house is remarkable for its Art Nouveau elements, such as the decorative stucco work, wrought-iron balconies, a corner bay window with a turret, and the large female masks under the cupolas of the facade. There is a beautiful legend told about this house. In the 1910s and 1920s, one of its tenants was ballerina Yekaterina Geltzer, who was visited by an admirer, Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, the future field marshal of Finland. The legend claims that in 1924, the Baron stealthily returned to Soviet Russia in order to marry Geltzer and bring her to Finland, but the ballerina fell ill and remained in Moscow. This sounds more like a beautiful fairy-tale rather than a historical fact, but the magical house of Zarutsky fits well with this legend.