This stout estate in northern Moscow was built in the second half of the 18th century and reconstructed in the mid-19th century. The estate stands on the shore of the well-kept Altufyevsky pond, and in its center is the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, one of the very few in Moscow to be kept open all throughout the 20th century. The only time the church had closed its doors was in 1941, as the German troops were approaching Moscow, but after the advancing army was repelled, the church had resumed its service.

The main estate house was commissioned by its owner Nikolai Zherebtsov, who was both a man of letters and a government official. The house was designed in the pseudo-Russian style, and decorated with a large attic and a gazebo. If you go to Altufyevo, make sure to also visit the old-time brewery, which was established in the late 18th century, but later reconstructed. The estate is surrounded by a large park, which no longer receives a regular upkeep, but is beautiful nonetheless.