ARCOS (All-Russian Cooperative Society) House

Aleksander Zelikov/TASS
This six-storey administrative building was completed in 1928 in place of the demolished metochion of the Voskresensky (Resurrection) New Jerusalem Monastery, which had stood here since the 17th century. A prominent architect Vladimir Mayat built this house for the joint-stock trading company ARCOS, which engaged in the import and export of goods between the Soviet Union and other countries. It was a large company: in 1927, its turnover exceeded 100 mln pounds sterling. Moscow residents knew Mayat as a man, who, before the revolution of 1917, had built the houses for patrons of the arts, merchants Morozov and Ryabushinsky, and whose principal style was Neoclassicism, which is why this building had stirred up the feelings of bewilderment and delight. In subsequent years, many of the Soviet architects that designed administrative buildings had used the ARCOS House as a model.