Building of Council of Labor and Defence

Aleksander Zelikov/TASS
The former building of the Council of Labor and Defence, which today is home to the Russian parliament, the State Duma, was built at the same time as the Hotel Moskva, which stands across the street. Construction required the demolition of the 17th century chambers of the Golitsyn family and the church of Parasceve Pyatnytsa, which was restored just prior to that. The building was designed and built in 1935 by architect Arkady Langman. This design became a go-to model for many of the Soviet government buildings. Moscow city guide, published in 1937, gave a detailed description of its decoration: "The light gray facade of the building with a stucco coat of arms of the Soviet Union is clad on three sides with a natural, so-called Protopopovsky, stone. The ground floor and three entrances are inlaid with labradorite stone and Karelian granite. The building is finely decorated on the inside."