Tsentrosoyuz Building/Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives Building

Aleksander Zelikov/TASS
The building was constructed in 1936 following the design of the great architect Le Corbusier, who was assisted by the Frenchman Pierre Jeanneret and the Russian architect Nikolai Kolli. Le Corbusier had great plans for this building, but not all of them had been implemented. For example, he had come up with a special air-conditioning system just for this house, but its implementation proved a failure. Overall, the building does not look quite the same as it was imagined by the architect. The space between the pillars turned out to be different than the original design envisioned, and later was filled with partitions. The oakwood window frames were later replaced with aluminium ones, and this changed the building's overall colour scheme.

Le Corbusier had this to say about the building, "2,500 employees have everything necessary for comfort, there is a large central hall, a dining hall, a meeting hall. They get to their work stations using the spiral ramps or the constantly moving mechanical elevators." Today the building houses Russia's federal services of state statistics and financial monitoring.