Mosselprom Building/Moscow Rural Cooperative Administration Building

Aleksander Zelikov/TASS
This building was originally built by architect Nikolay Strukov in 1913 as a tenement house, but one of its walls collapsed right after construction was completed. The court sent Strukov to jail for six weeks, because the architect was already responsible for two collapsed buildings. The house was reconstructed in 1917, and in 1925 two more floors were added. Following that, the building became the headquarters of Mosselprom, Moscow Rural Cooperative Administration, and housed the organization's offices and warehouses. In 1925, the building was also adorned with a clock tower designed by engineer Arthur Loleit, but the clock did not survive to this day. The advertising slogan "Nowhere except for Mosselprom!" painted on the building's facade was the work of poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, who composed a number of advertisements for this trade association.