Rusakov Workers' Club

Aleksander Zelikov/TASS
Rusakov Workers' Club, designed and built by architect Konstantin Melnikov in 1929, has been described in virtually all architecture textbooks. It is one of the rare Melnikov designs that suffered no changes in the process of construction and ended up being just the way the architect envisioned it. Still, the original design envisioned the building with glass walls, but after the windows failed to keep out the cold, some of them were mured up. In subsequent years the building underwent numerous reconstructions, the sign reading "Labour Unions Are the School of Communism" was taken off the facade, and the main auditorium with its sliding walls stopped being transformable. The club was named in honour of Ivan Rusakov who headed the local Sokolniki chapter of the Bolshevik party.

Today the building is home to a theatre headed by stage director Roman Viktyuk, while the signs above the entrance and windows on side facades have been completely restored.