Theatre Art Studio

Nikolai Galkin/TASS

One of the most recent theatres in Moscow, Theatre Art Studio (STI) was founded in 2005 by Sergey Zhenovach, Dean of Directing Department at RATI (GITIS), and the troupe consists of his pupils. The repertoire is mostly classics, primarily Russian, from Gogol, Leskov and Chekhov, to Erdman, Bulgakov and Platonov. The historic building, in which STI is housed, once was a theatre for the workers of the gold threading factory, which belonged to the merchants Alekseyev, who were related to Konstantin Stanislavsky. Stanislavsky, the founder of the celebrated MKhT (Moskovsky Khudozhestvennyi Teatr), had personally reviewed and approved the design of the factory theatre, built in 1904. The building was remodelled specially for STI in 2008. Quotes from the decorative style of the historic MKhT building are discernible in the interior decorations. STI productions have won the Golden Mask Awards repeatedly. The theatre mostly caters to well-read intellectuals, who are averse to experimental theatre and the language of "new drama."