School of Dramatic Art Theatre

The School of Dramic Art (SDA) was founded by Anatoly Vasiliev, a reform minded theatre director and teacher with a cult following, in 1987. SDA, conceived as an experimental laboratory, was initially based in a large private apartment at Povarskaya Ulitsa (Povarskaya Street). The abandoned building of the former Ural Movie Theatre, remodelled specially for Vasiliev, became the company's new headquarters in 2001, and Moscow got its first-ever multiplex drama theatre (Vasiliev had personally contributed to the design). The city had sponsored the construction. Then Vasiliev left Russia, and his brainchild regressed from "experimental lab" to a regular repertoire-based theatre with a few mini-companies. Only one company, Dmitry Krymov's Laboratory, has been successful, winning many professional awards, constantly touring internationally, playing high-profile festivals. Dmitry Krymov, a stage designer who became director in the early 2000s, wanted his Laboratory to exemplify a new theatre trend for Russia: Artist's Theatre. The company's appeal lies in its blend of many performing arts: drama, puppetry, musical, circus and art performance.