Gingerbread Museum

Igor Aleev/ТАSS
Along with souvenir shops and galleries, the wood cabins host workshops featuring Gorodets paintings, golden thread embroidery, painted clay toys, wood carvings and willow weaving. You can take a master class and make and paint your very own clay whistle. You can also try your hand at the potter's wheel or learn the basics of Gorodets painting.

The tea room is a good place for a snack: you will be offered fragrant tea with herbs and a local delicacy, Gorodets gingebread (pryanik). This local treat made with honey has been around for over 400 years. Today, the spice cakes (kovrizhka) and gingerbreads are made with different fillings, the most delicious of which are sweet condensed milk and walnuts. You can learn all about the recipes at an excursion.