Land of Deer and Horses

Egor Aleev / TASS
You can stay overnight at one of the camp sites in Voskresenskoye Povetluzhye Nature Park, located in the villages on the banks of the picturesque Vetluga River. All of the camp sites are made up of real peasant log cabins or look-alike wooden houses. Each site has a dining area offering traditional Russian dishes prepared in wood-fired stoves, a Russian banya (wet sauna) and horse stables. Whatever season you choose to visit, you can arrange group or individual fishing and hunting trips. In the summer, there is kayaking on Vetluga River and mounted treks, while in winter you can take rides in horse-drawn sleds. In the neighbouring village of Troitskoye, you will find the Noah's Ark Fauna Park. The specially protected woods are home to reindeer, dappled deer, Siberian stags and elks, who have no fear of people.