Rukavishnikovs Estate

Vladimir Smirnov/ TASS
The starting point for tours of the city is the Rukavishnikovs Estate at Verkhne-Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya (Verkhne-Volzhskaya Embankment). This city mansion, styled after an Italian palazzo, was built at the end of the nineteenth century by the owner of city's first steel plant, the important moneylender Mikhail Rukavishnikov. At that time, the house was the richest and most notable building in all of Nizhny Novgorod. Today it houses a local history museum with a permanent exhibit, while its ornate halls are used for grand ceremonies, including those at state level. In 2011, Nizhny Novgorod hosted the Russia-EU Summit and the Rukavishnikovs Estate was used for meetings of the world leaders attending the conference.

The embankment, also known as Volzhsky Otkos (Volga Slope), presents an excellent view of the Volga River. Just as it was several centuries ago, the slope remains a favourite spot for locals to take a walk. There are many landmarks here, as the richest townspeople of previous generations built their homes here.