Central Market

Valery Matytsin/TASS
Around Sobornaya/Cathedral Square, next to Budennovsky Avenue, lies Central Market, also known as the Old Bazaar. Here you can buy anything, from sausages to fabric. And it is no exaggeration to talk about hundreds of square metres of meat: sirloins, filets, entrecotes, shanks and marbled beef, all of the highest quality and freshness, can be found here. Next to the meat is the fish: small fish are sold from behind the stalls, while larger ones - trout, salmon, red-finned mullet and carp - are sold from truck trailers where they await customers in big tanks. Caviar is kept in large gallon cans. Picturesque vegetable and fruit stalls are especially abundant in the summer, but since Rostov is a southern city and summer here lasts from April to November, apples, pears, strawberries and watermelons seem to be for sale practically all year round.

A separate farmers market opens at the weekend, next to Central Market. Farmers from all over Rostov Region bring their vegetables, fruit, herbs, crayfish, heather honey, baked milk, homemade sausages, cheeses and farmer cheese. The prices are quite low and towards the end of the business day, at 2pm, they border on symbolic only.