Pustovoytov Trading House

Mikhail Mordasov/ТАSS

Georgy Pustovoytov, a Rostov ship-owner and patron of the arts, ordered this art deco building constructed on a central Rostov street in 1910. It was the city’s tallest building at the time. It is believed that the architect on the project, Evgeny Gulin, had modelled his creation on the Singer House in St. Petersburg. It is, indeed, easy to see certain affinities in the look of the two buildings.

Pustovoytov’s house was destroyed during the Second World War, but subsequently restored, augmented with a new annex, and rebranded as TsUM, Tsentralnyi Universalnyi Magazin. And that is how several generations of Rostovites have known the former Pustovoitov Trading House.