Petrov (Dombrovsky) mansion

The architect Nikolai Doroshenko had created a great many buildings in Rostov-on-Don, most of them along the lines of eclecticism, in the 13 years that he lived here. One of his incontestable masterpieces was the mansion he designed for the local merchant Apollon Dombrovsky. By the time the mansion was completed in the 1890s, Dombrovsky had gone bankrupt, so he had to sell his new house to pay back his debts.

The house remained property of the Vladikavkaz Railway Authority for a while. In the early 1900s, the Railway Authority gave it to Apollon Petrov, an attorney, in lieu of his fee for winning a particularly challenging court case for the authority. The Petrov family was forced to emigrate after the 1917 Revolution, whereupon their mansion would be used by a succession of communist party institutions. The former Petrov mansion has served as the Rostov-on-Don Art Museum since 1959.