Ramparts with Alekseevskie gates

Mikhail Mordasov/TASS

Already by the end of the XIII century, a major commercial and administrative center of the Golden Horde, the city of Azak, was where modern day Azov is now. At the end of the XIV century, the city was sacked by Tamerlane and rebuilt by the Genoese and Venetian merchants who turned Tan (second name of Azaka) into a trading outpost for the Italian cities. By 1471 Azak became a Turkish fortress. The Turks strengthened it with deep ditches and steep shafts, which subsequently were rebuilt several times - including with the help of Russian troops during the Russian-Turkish wars. Today, in Azov you can see its remains together with the ruins of the Genoese fortress and part of the Alekseevskie fortress gates (they date back to 1770). There is a wonderful view of the Don delta from this historical site.