Temple of Saint Nikolas the Wonderworker

Valery Matytsin/TASS

The main orthodox church in Taganrog is the architectural monument of the 18th century – several legends relate to it. According to the legend, during the first crusade to the Azov sea Peter the Great set up a camp exactly on that place. The second story relates to the so-called "misty" or Hersoness bell of the church. It is said that it was produced in Taganrog in 1778 from trophy Turkish riffles. In the early 19th century the bells was brought to Sevastopol on the order of Alexander I but after that during the Crimean war it was taken to Paris as a trophy by the ally troops. Thanks to the efforts of the Russian diplomats in 1913 the Taganrog bell was sent back to Russian and is currently in Hersoness.