Man in a cube

Mikhail Mordasov/ТАSS

The experimental theatre "Man in a cube" emerged in 2005 as a school of theatrical art under the guidance of a young director Katerina Ryndina. After three years the school was formed as a full-fledged creative unit, and in 2015 it started giving regular performances in the building on Bolshaya Sadovaya ulitsa.

"Man in a cube" defines itself as a theatre standing at the crossroads of dramatic and plastic art, poetry and vocal art, presenting its own view of the way a theatre should look like in the 21st century.

The strivings of a young director are epitomized in different plays. In the repertoire of the theater there are plays based on the works by Mikhail Bulgakov and Antony Pogorelsky, poetic mono plays and famous among the local audience plays by "Spectakle O", which are devoted to the life and artworks of great writers and world drama directors.