Rostov Regional Philharmonic Hall

Mikhail Mordasov/ТАSS

The regional philharmonic hall is visited by people, who like to listen to the Rostov academic symphonic orchestra. It was created in 1935 and now is one of the most famous classical music groups in the south of Russia. The list of their performances includes works by Piotr Tchaikovsky, Alfred Schnittke, Sergey Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostakovich. The musicians in the philharmonic hall have played on the same stage with Mstislav Rostrapovich, Yury Bashmet, Denis Matsuev, Elena Obraztsova, gave concerts on the best stages in Spain, Italy, Japan, China and South Korea.

Another important artistic group based in the Rostov philharmonic hall is the Vladimir Ezhdik State Wind Concert Orchestra. The orchestra was created not long ago – in 1990 – and became one of the first in Russia philharmonic wind instrument orchestras. The artistic group performs works by Igor Stravinsky, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, Piotr Tchaikovsky, however, they do not forget about the most traditional works of variety music.