18+ theatre

Mikhail Mordasov/ТАSS

The young independent theatre is in pursuit of its own stage language and put the focus on the concept "here and now" – the new topical drama art “18+” presents itself as an open stage for the Rostov audience to get acquainted with contemporary theatrical art. In the repertoire you may find the play "Incredible adventures of Julia and Natasha", fairy tales for adults. You may also explore the tragic comedy by Olga Kalashnikova "On women, or a story of one evening" in the popular genre "What do men talk about", or the comedy "Pelmeni". Besides, you may see the plays by the theatre director Yuru Muravitskiy, Sergey Medvedev, German Grekov and others.

The theatre doesn’t have its own troupe, the actors are invited to each project. "18+" hosts the plays of leading Russian experimental theatres while they are on tour, including the Moscow projects Theatre.doc, The Vsevolod Meyerkhold theatre centre and the Saint Petersburg theatre Post.

In the theatre auditorium, there are 80 seats, that’s why it is better to book a place in advance, especially during premier days.