Fountain House (Anna Akhmatova Museum)

Anatoly Medved/TASS
On the first floor of Fountain House, you will find a room depicting the American study of poet Joseph Brodsky. On the third floor is the restored apartment belonging to Nikolai Punin and poet Anna Akhmatova. The second floor is given over to playful exhibitions and theatrical performances for children. In one of the programmes, children first look for Peter Pan’s shadow, help open up flowers with fairies inside and make paper ships. They are then shown the story of the meeting between Wendy and the boys from Neverland. Another programme has children helping Pushkin to find rhymes for his poems, dressing him according to the fashions of different centuries and organising a meeting of the old fisherman and magic gold fish. Afterwards, they can watch a hilarious performance about Tsar Gvidon.

Ticket office closes 1 hour before museum closing time.