Museum of Illusions

Anatoly Medved/TASS

Right in the city centre, near the arch of the General Staff Building, you will find the Museum of Illusions, which consists of five different attractions. In the Optical Illusions Museum, the walls and floors are painted in such a way that visitors find themselves in different settings, be it the jaws of a shark or the Simpsons’ house. In the Garden of Tropical Butterflies, everyone wants to take a selfie with the morpho butterfly. In the Zoo, children can play with racoons, kangaroos and marmosets. The House of Giants looks like a family of giants just walked out, leaving behind a huge book, an open jar of sweetened condensed milk and a basket with wool and knitting needles. When you enter the Glass Labyrinth, keep in mind that it is very easy to get lost and very hard to keep your wits about you!