Sergey Konkov/TASS
This karaoke restaurant, named in honor of a popular Soviet movie is located on a boat: the Neva River cruise from Sampsonievsky to Blagoveshchensky bridge lasts an hour, but, if desired, you can take another trip. The menu is dominated by fish and seafood. The guests are offered whole baked crab with butter sauce, Russian salad with smoked sterlet or black cod with miso and a light salad. There are also several kinds of dumplings (vareniki and pelmeni), okroshka summer soup, fois gras, duck confit and asparagus, steaks and risottos. Overboard are the views of the Palace, Troitsky and Blagoveshchensky bridges, the old stock exchange and rostral columns of Vasilievsky Island and numerous embankments. The lower deck is equipped with panoramic windows and the upper deck is open and offers the best views.