Sergey Konkov/TASS
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Now that Paninaro pizzeria has opened its doors, one can say that the Petrograd Side of St. Petersburg finally has a nice place for eating and meeting with friends. The pizzeria is located next to the bridge to the islands. Take a pizza in a box with you or some olives and cheese from the restaurant’s delicatessen and go for a picnic. There are many thin crust pizzas at Paninaro, each one of them special. There is traditional tomato with mozzarella and basil, unconventional ricotta with Georgian herbs, baked pumpkin with spinach, Riga sprouts with potato and truffel sauce. In addition to pizza, Paninaro cooks make great soups and salads. On the days of important sporting events the restaurant projects the shows on the wall and the whole restaurant roots for the local team.