Loft Project Etagi

Anatoly Medved/ТАSS

The Arkhipenko brothers, architects and the authors and ideologists of the loft project, were the pioneers in developing former industrial enterprises in St. Petersburg. They went large-scale from the beginning. ETAGI occupies the building of the former Smolninsky bread factory. Hence the narrow staircase that spans all five floors of the loft, the strange shape of the space, floors with windows and walls faced with tile with streaks. The first three floors are filled with shops of local designers, various craftsmen and collectors, co-working space, bars, cafes and workshops. There is a hostel as well. The fourth and fifth floors include galleries and an exhibition space that hosts serious international shows of modern art and design. The building’s roof offers a view of the city. You have to pay for access to the roof, but it’s a good place for a picnic or spending a day walking or lying around on the grass.