Ruslan Shamukov/TASS

There are many parks, gardens and garden squares at St. Petersburg and many of them are great for jogging. If you live at Krasnogvardeysky district, you can choose the Malinovka park for your und: it’s open around the clock and the pathways are wide and curving. At Petrogradsky district the most popular running spot is Elagin Ostrov park with its dirt roads and paved pathways, isolated location, a large running circle with a length of 5 km (3 mi) and Saturday races. The park also has several open-air athletic fields that can be used for stretching beforehand.

In addition to the Elagin Ostrov the joggers also choose Primosky Victory park — it’s rather flat and you can run along the wide Batareynaya Doroga, or take the narrow pathways. People who live at Admiralteysky district take their runs in the Summer Garden or the Catherinehof park. The former would be good for those who don’t mind large crowds as the park is quite popular among both the locals and guests, while the latter would be great for those who like to change their running patterns a lot: the park is criss-crossed by so many pathways that you can run along the new route every single day. The park is also equipped with open-air weight-lifting machines, the rings and a chin-up bar.

The residents of Nevsky district run at Kurakina Dacha park. The advantage of this park is the hilly landscape. The route can be expanded: coming up from the Neva River, the park is split in parts by the Obukhovskoy Oborony avenue, while to the west of the park is the Krasnye Zori boulevard.

The joggers who live in the Central district like the Taurida Garden: its pathways are filled with granite gravel, there is an open-air playground for stretching and night-time lights make evening jogging a comfortable experience.

The joggers of Moskovsky district run around Moskovsky Victory park. If you run around all the ponds and outskirts of the garden, your route will total 2.5 km (1.5 mi).


Malinovka Park

Address: Prospekt Bolshevikov metro station, Prospekt Kosygina, Industrialnyy Prospekt

Entrance is free


Elagin Ostrov

Address: Krestovskiy Ostrov, Staraya Derevnya metro stations, Elagin Ostrov, 4

Business hours: summer 6 a.m. - 12 a.m., winter 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Phone: 7 (812) 430 09 11


On weekdays, admission is free, on weekends and holidays, the entry fee is 100 rub., preferential categories - see the official website


Primorskiy park Pobedy

Address: Krestovskiy Ostrov metro station, Krestovskiy Prospekt, 23A

Phone: 7 (812) 230 04 56


Entrance is free


Summer Garden

Address: Chernyshevskaya metro station, Kutuzov Embankment, 2

Business hours: Wed-Mon May-September 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., October-March 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Phone: 7 (812) 595 42 48


Entrance is free


 Park Ekateringof

Address: Narvskaya metro station, Liflyandskaya Ulitsa, 12

Phone: 7 (812) 786 99 55

Entrance is free


Kurakina Dacha park

Address: Proletarskaya metro station, Lesnozavodskaya Ulitsa

Entrance is free


Taurida Garden

Address: Chernyshevskaya metro statio , Potemkinskaya Ulitsa

Entrance is free


Moskovsky Victory Park

Address: Park Pobedy metro station, Kuznetsovskaya Ulitsa, 25

Phone: 7 (812) 388 08 81


Entrance is free