Balkan grill

A fancy restaurant of Balkan cuisine, specifically – Serbian cuisine. White-stone walls, carpets, leather sofas, coat of arms on the walls and purple tablecloths - in this entourage staff serves no-nonsense dishes, mostly meat, and for a lot of money. The restaurant itself is located in the basement, and the rest of its premises, those that you will pass by at the entrance, are reserved for banquets. The most expensive meat dish is a kilogram lamb roll. For large parties, a comples dish is offered, which includes all kinds of snacks, for example, a meat platter, which includes Karageorge schnitzel, sach, fillet of duck, stuffed chicken fillet, mutton shank, veal tongue, beef medallions, assorted vegetables, duchess potato, tartar sauce, and a liter of wine as a gift. On Fridays and Saturdays,  the place hosts music parties. Sometimes there are tastings of various foods and drinks, such as milkshakes.