Maksim Gorky Literature and Memorial Museum

Three memorial sites from old Samara are located just a bit further down on Frunze Street The first is Alexey Tolstoy's manor, currently home to Samara Literary Museum. In 1899, the manor (build in the second half of the 19th century) was purchased by Alexey Apollonovich Bostrom, Alexei Tolstoy's stepfather. In the summer of 1901, before moving to Saint Petersburg, the young writer lived on the second floor, in the right wing of the house. He visited this house often during his vacations from the Technological Institute, and continued to visit his stepfather almost annually afterwards, when he had become a famous writer. Samara Literary Museum not only enables one to see how the great Russian writer lived, but to hear lectures and seminars on literature, modern art, architecture and photography.