Art Nouveau Museum

A graduate of the St. Petersburg Institute of Civil Engineering, Aleksander Zelenko was appointed head architect of Samara in 1897. Zelenko was fascinated by art deco architecture and had studied it extensively in St. Petersburg. His ideas and expertise found their fullest expression in the mansion he designed for the local merchant woman Aleksandra Kurlina. This playful blue-green house with wrought iron fences and stucco moulded front was the most luxurious residences in Samara. Its rich exterior was matched by its luxuriant interior decorations and furnishings. The place had all the modern amenities which were not widely available at the time: running water, heating, sanitation and electricity.

Today Kurlina House is an Art Deco Museum. Its permanent exhibits reconstruct the hey-day of this art trend, which lasted from the late 1800s through the early 1900s.