Zhigulevsky brewery

 Vladimir Smirnov/TASS
Samara is the home of Russia’s favourite Zhigulevskoe beer. The brewery’s history began in 1880, when a certain Alfred von Vacano of Austria petitioned the local authorities for a land plot, where he intended to have a brewery built. Vacano produced his first beer a year later, in 1881. The beer was initially marketed under two brand names: Venskoe and Venskoe Stolovoe. In terms of technology, Vacano’s brewery was at the time the only state-of-the-art brewery in Russia. It did very well, increasing its output by more than a factor of fifty in 25 years. Following the 1917 Revolution, the brewery, to which the Austrian entrepreneur had given 40 years of his life, was nationalized. The beer it produced was renamed Zhigulevskoe in 1936. These days many breweries across Russia produce Zhigulevskoe brand beer, but the beer brewed in Samara remains the paragon of good taste.