Centre of Ethnic Culture and Ethnographic Museum "Courtyard of a Well-off Peasant"

Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS
Nine kilometres (5.5 miles) away from Staroye Shaygovo is the village of Staraya Terizmorga. This village is an open-air museum and centre of ethnic culture. In 2007, it hosted the First International Folk Festival of Finno-Ugric Peoples. Village residents always wear folk costumes and gladly conduct local ethnic rites for visitors. Back in 1797, the Polish writer and archaeologist Jan Potocki described the local way of life as follows: "The Mordva women, especially unmarried ones, dress strangely and rather fantastically. They wear large woollen earrings; they braid bells into their hair and hang large copper bells around their necks". At Staraya Terizmorga a tourist can learn about each detail of the national costume. There is an open-air ethnographic museum called the "Courtyard of a Well-off Peasant" which includes a bathhouse that is open for use and a large stove used for cooking. Here you can try bliny - thin pancakes - and poza - a low-alcohol beverage made out of beetroot. On Sundays, all the village residents gather at Nikolskaya (St. Nicholas) Church, a white building with blue domes.